So what’s wrong with GOTH music? It’s just rock and roll, right?
GOTH music is a dangerous, Satanic evil that is stalking our children the way Communists once did before Reagan won the Cold War. It is luring them into believing its monstrous message of despair and godlessness while exhorting them to acts of terrifying violence. All too often, GOTH music is allowed to succeed in its diabolical aims.
The case of the Blair Witch Project is an excellent example.

This CD documents the music listened to by Joshua Leonard in preperation for his ill-fated journey into the woods. It is currently being distributed by the known secularists of Red Music and sold by the Pharisees of Total-E.


Clicking on the title of any song will let you hear a RealAudio excerpt from that soung. We ask that you please be sure that no children are present to be exposed to the pernicious influence of this so-called "music".

Little is known about the disappearance of Montgomery College students Michael Williams, Joshua Leonard and Heather Donahue. What is publicly known is that the three film students went to Burkittsville, MD to shoot a movie about witchcraft, and that they were never seen again. While the government continues to suppress evidence that might prove exactly what happened, P.A.R.O.D.Y. has obtained information from sources close to the case that strongly suggests a supernatural, Satanic element, possibly including ritualistic torture, murder and suicide.

What could have driven one of these college kids, possibly with accomplices, to carry out such heinous crimes? While the films that were discovered have yet to be released, P.A.R.O.D.Y. has obtained a copy of the mix tape found in Joshua Leonard’s car.

The titles of the "songs" – and I use the term very loosely – alone are enough to show just what kind of music this is: "Gloomy Sunday," "The Order of Death," "Draining Faces," "Laughing Pain," "Haunted," "Movement of Fear." These are not songs with positive messages for the youth of America. These are dangerous songs, performed by dangerous bands. One band, for example, is called "Type O Negative" – a blood type, and clearly a reference to Vampirism. Another is called Meat Beat Manifesto, a name that brazenly refers to masturbation. Yet another is called Afghan Whigs, which suggests an association with at least one political party in pariah-state Afghanistan. And the names of the rest of the groups – Lydia Lunch, Public Image Ltd. (one of whose members was formerly in an Anarchist group called the Sex Pistols), Tones On Tail, Skinny Puppy, Bauhaus (named after the secularist German art movement), Antonio Cora, The Creatures, Front Line Assembly – are not exactly comforting.

Now let’s look at what these "songs" are saying. While several of the "songs" have no lyrics, instead focusing on creating an atmosphere of decay and sinfulness, others have messages that would horrify any rational, Christian parent. For example, "The Order of Death" by Public Image Ltd. contains the lyrics, "This is what you want / This is what you get … / Ending / One life / One Knife." Likewise, Skinny Puppy’s "Draining Faces" begins "Cut, tear, taking life," and continues with images of murder and violence. And the song "God Is God" by Laibach contains among its blasphemous lyrics the following exhortations: "You shall seek heaven in hell ... You shall seek pain ... You shall seek darkness."

Apparently, either Joshua Leonard or one of his friends did exactly that.

It is the evident depravity of this music, and of the culture that surrounds it, that has spurred P.A.R.O.D.Y. into action. We are not revolutionaries or radicals. We are mainstream Americans, good Christians and good parents who value our children’s lives and are willing to fight for them. That is why we will wage a holy war against this music that seeks to steal our children’s souls.


Suitable for burning, stomping, or waving in front of TV cameras!

In the hopes of promoting awareness of the dangers of the gothic menace, P.A.R.O.D.Y. is sponsoring a special contest on this web site.

The Blair Witch Mix corrupts our young people with the following songs:

Lydia Lunch: Gloomy Sunday
Public Image Limited: The Order of Death
Skinny Puppy: Draining Faces
Bauhaus: Kingdom's Coming
The Creatures: Don't Go To Sleep Without Me
Laibach: God Is God
Afghan Wigs: Beware
Front LIne Assembly: Laughing Pain
Type O Negative: Haunted
Meat Beat Manifesto: She's Unreal
Tones on Tail: Movement of Fear
Antonio Cora The Cellar
We are looking for an analysis of exactly how these songs are affecting our young people. Please send us your thoughts on the dangers of gothic music, a threat to our young greater than Communism and masturbation combined!

The best essay will be placed on our website, with a link to a site of the author's choice, and the writer will be sent a special copy of The Blair Witch Mix. We hope we will soon see our winner happily throwing this mix onto a bonfire together with Catcher in the Rye, Das Kapital, and other books promoting Satanism and seculaism.

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