"When lawlessness is abroad in the land, the same thing will happen here that happened in Nazi Germany. Many of those people involved in Adolph Hitler were Satanists, many of them were homosexuals---the two things seem to go together."

-Pat Robertson

  • SATANISM and WITCHCRAFT: GOTH culture is anti-Christian. Many of its songs and motifs are distinctly SATANIC. Many GOTHS identify themselves as VAMPIRES and wear fangs or colored contact lenses. Many GOTHS also practice WITCHCRAFT ("WICCA"), a pseudo-religion that involves pentagrams, violent and often homosexual or sadomasochistic initiation rituals, animal sacrifice, and hugging.
  • DRUGS: GOTHS use drugs, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Well-known deadly drugs such as heroin and marijuana, as well as exotic "designer" drugs such as mead and patchouli, are often used as part of the SATANIC rituals practiced by GOTHS. Likewise, the pale skin associated with GOTHS is a product of drug use – and also of homosexual makeup-wearing, which brings us to …
  • HOMOSEXUALITY: GOTHS are often homosexual, bixexual, or "pansexual," a term used to identify someone who is especially promiscuous or unselective in choosing partners, and which is derived from the pagan Greek god Pan, who is worshipped by many GOTHS and WITCHES. Along with heroin use, bisexuality is one of the leading causes of AIDS among straight people. Thus the GOTH perversions are not only dangerous to the minds, bodies and souls of the GOTHS themselves, but to healthy, normal people as well.
  • A CULTURE OF VIOLENCE: GOTHS are especially dangerous because they are violent. At GOTH concerts, children engage in slam-dancing (or "moshing"), a practice in which they literally slam into each other, so insensate are they rendered by drugs and loud music. Likewise, many GOTHS are VAMPIRES, people who bite each other and cut each other with knives in order to drink each other’s blood (and whatever diseases might be in it). A brief listen to any Marilyn Manson album will prove that it’s not guns that turned those Columbine boys into killers. The Culture of Violence, reinforced every day by the liberal media and video games, is what makes GOTHS so deadly and murderous. That is why we need more and better armed police, soldiers and citizens if we are ever to be safe from violence in our own homes and schools.
  • HEAT EXHAUSTION: GOTHS are most easily recognized by style of dress. Just about anyone in a black trench coat is likely to be a GOTH, but other good signs include piercings, tattoos, dyed hair, rock T-shirts, boots, bracelets, leather clothes, and jewelry of any kind. GOTHS wear their identifying clothes in all weather – even in summer, despite the obvious dangers posed by wearing heavy coats and black clothing
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