[you are what you eat]

Topic: Around Town

The City of New York Department of Mental Health and Hygeine — they’re the reason we New Yorkers all have such clean minds — has helpfully provided its restaurant inspection results online. Look up your favorite restaurants … if you dare! (A little hint: include The for restaurants whose names start with the article.)

Some highlights from my neck of the woods (Carroll Gardens): The Grocery passed its inspection, as did Banania, but snazzy French bistro Quercy didn’t make the cut, and neither did newcomer Bacchus on Atlantic Avenue. Neighborhood standbys Zaytoons, The Soul Spot, Sam’s Restaurant and Tuk Tuk (best Thai place in town) all failed as well. But then, so did Nobu and Tabla, so it’s not just Brooklyn.

Now go, eat, eat! New York is the best food city in the world! What are you waiting for?