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Topic: Music

Pink: Stupid Girl (YouTube Video)

I kind of like Pink. “Get the Party Started” was a great little single with a fun video, and it will always be connected in my mind with our year in Korea, when it came out. I also get a kick out of her whole Linda Perry fixation, and out of her whole angry anti-pop pop thing.

Her new video, though, I just can’t get behind. I like the song and its message — that girls should stop trying to be pretty like the starlets they see on TV and instead have intellectual ambitions — but hearing this from Pink is a bit like being told by George W. Bush that America is addicted to oil. You wanna scream, “Yes, and you’ve been selling it!” This is, after all, the woman who played a prostitute alongside Mya, Li’l Kim and Christina Aguilera in the “Lady Marmalade” video. And the current video undermines the whole feminist take by ending with a scantily clad Pink soaping herself up and sliding all over the hood of a red car. Ironically, but that doesn’t mean it won’t do to teenage boys and teenage girls exactly what unironic booty videos do.