[where to find orc gold in brooklyn]

Topic: Around Town
SmallTownBrooklyn provides a supercool map that allows you to pick a neighborhood, then click on a street and see a detailed building-by-building rendering. The graphics look like something out of an early roleplaying game, complete with blue cobblestones. All it’s missing are paladins with halberds who say “Hi, ho, good sirrah!” when you try to talk to them. Except I don’t think we have any paladins on our block, just several industrial shops, a few parking lots, a “shuttered lot,” and a “neighborhood grocery,” which in the real world is a seamy little bodega that now offers “Hot and Spanish Food Breakfast.” While I’ve never tried just going in there, dropping a bunch of gold on the counter and asking for a potion of healing, I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy came up with something that fit the bill.