[where it’s from]

Topic: Music


Ramsey Lewis: My Love for You (Debra)
Laurindo Almeida and the Bossa Nova All-Stars: Desafinado (Readymade)
Rasputin’s Stash: Mr. Cool (High 5)
Bernard “Pretty” Purdie: Soul Drums (Devil’s Haircut)
Mantronix: Needle to the Groove (Where It’s At)
The Frogs: I Don’t Care if U Disrespect Me (Where It’s At)
The Care Bears: (Title Unknown) (Beercan)

While listening to Beck’s “Where It’s At,” did you ever wonder what exactly was playing on those two turntables? Back in 1996, when the sample-laden Odelay first came out, I sure did. There were a couple of samples, though, that I happened to recognize right away: “I’m a nasty, nasty man,” from “Hotwax” and the “No jive/Gimme five!” horn break from the first minute of “High 5 (Rock the Catskills),” not to mention the idea that one could drive a pig, came from an obscure funk group called Rasputin’s Stash, whose record I had fortuitously discovered in my parents’ extensive collection just months before Odelay came out. It was great stuff, and I wished there were some way I could hear the sources for some of the other samples strewn through Beck’s new album.

Well, now you can! Thanks to the Internet, I was able to suss out these tracks that provided samples for Beck songs, and now here they are for your listening pleasure.