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Goldie Lookin Chain: Your Missus is a Nutter (video link) | Soap Bar | Delivery Driver | Draw Ambassador

There’s something about the Welsh accent that evokes for me the hoariest of British domestic stereotypes: tea and scones, sheep and wool, cheeses with names like Derbyshire (which is nowhere near Wales, but still).

Goldie Lookin Chain is nothing like that. A dirtyminded hip-hop crew from Newport, they throw down the South Wales slang in songs that mostly have to do with doing drugs, having sex and eating curry. They don’t sound the least bit like the burgeoning grime scene in London or the Bristol sound of Tricky and Portishead. Instead, in the finest hip-hop tradition, they seem to be doing their own semicompetent, lo-fi thing, telling dopey stories in the unique language that is natural to them.

It is through the good graces of Moistworks that I happened to discover the GLC. For more GLC tracks, check out their MP3 page; for more about the group, visit the Wikipedia article on them.