[weekly world music 10: asian classical mp3 home page]

Tep Monorom Dance by The National Dance Company of Cambodia (Homrong)

Fei Fei Shih Shih (Rainy Weather) by Unknown Folk Musicians of Amoy

Sapta Murti by Kertha Jaya of Abianbase, Gianyar

Via the invaluable SoundRoots, I get to share with you the Asian Classical MP3 Home Page, a rich archive of traditional music from East, Southeast and South Asia.

The music is all either used with permission or else hopelessly out of print, and TACMP3HP does a good job of documenting it with the resources available, so I don’t have to. Let me just note that Amoy (now called Xiamen) is a port city on the southeastern coast of China, while the third track is Indonesian. Oh, and when it comes to that last track, I quote TACMP3HP when I advise you to “catch the quote from the 1812 Overture in ‘Sapta Murti’!”