2007.05.03: Open-ended Working Group on the Question of Equitable Representation on and Increase in the Membership of the Security Council and Related Matters

H.E. Ambassador Choi Young-jin, Permanent Representative, at 7th Informal Meeting

Madam President,

1. Let me begin by thanking you for convening this meeting, which is especially timely and opportune now that we have the report of the Facilitators on the consultations regarding Security Council reform. My delegation would like to extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude to you and the five Facilitators for having undertaken extensive and thorough consultations with Member States, resulting in this concise but comprehensive report.

2. We welcome the report, which we believe provides a good basis for further deliberations on the issue. The report aims to catch the present state of affairs concerning the issue of Security Council reform. It also aims to facilitate our discussions by offering a variety of ideas on ways to move the process forward. While we might not agree to every aspect of the report, we are hopeful that these ideas will serve as useful references for result-oriented consultations, a process over which Member States should have collective ownership.

3. Given the critical importance of the issue in question, my delegation supports the Facilitators’ view that the General Assembly should opt for a Security Council reform formula that can garner the widest possible political acceptance by the Membership, well above the required majority. Regarding the variety of suggestions put forward in all clusters in the context of a transitional approach, this approach may prove to be helpful as our consultations proceed.

4. Also, my delegation shares the view that the improvement of the Security Council’s working methods is an integral part of reforming the Council. We therefore attach great importance to the Facilitators’ suggestions for enhancing the transparency, accountability and inclusiveness of the Council’s work. In this regard, we support the steps the Council has taken so far towards improving its working methods. But we believe that more remains to be done.

Madam President,

5. As we continue with the open and transparent process of consultations under your guidance, we hope to maintain our momentum towards making the Security Council more efficient. In a constructive spirit of flexibility and inclusiveness, the Republic of Korea remains ready to engage in further dialogue and consultation with all Member States.

Thank you.