2005.03.23: Item 127: Financing of the United Nations Organization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUC)

Minister Kang Kyung-wha at Fifth Committee of the General Assembly

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

My delegation thanks Mr. Seich for presenting the Secretary-General’s report A/59/707 on the revised budget for the United Nations Organization Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUC). We also thank the ACABQ for its analysis of the revised budgetary requirements of the Mission.

Let me begin by acknowledging the tremendous importance of the UN Mission in Congo, as well as the daunting challenges it faces due to the continuing volatility of the environment in which it operates as painfully brought home by the recent deaths of nine UN peacekeepers ?the complexity of its mandate, the lack of infrastructure, and the sheer size of the country. In this light, my delegation pays tribute to the courage and hard work of the UN peacekeepers and civilian personnel in the line of duty.

In confronting these challenges, MONUC cannot afford to operate without comprehensive administrative and budgetary oversight. My delegation is anxious to see clearer linkages between requested financial and human resources and increases in troop strength or newly mandated activities. Likewise, we agree with the ACABQ that the next budget should be much clearer in terms of analysis of existing resources and capacities and justifications for new posts, redeployments and restructuring.

It is also a source of concern that MONUC has been unable to develop a clear vision for its managerial structure and processes. We are concerned that without such vision, there will be a lack of proper budgetary control, increasing the risk of fraud, waste and other financial and management problems. My delegation hopes that the proposed budget for 2005/06 will take these concerns into consideration and include detailed information on how MONUC intends to provide more effective financial and management control.

Mr. Chairman,

As we all know, the United Nations has taken disciplinary action against 17 MONUC personnel found to have been involved in sexual misconduct and abuse. It is appalling and deeply saddening that these deplorable acts continue to be committed by UN peacekeepers and staff. It is our understanding that a comprehensive report, by the Secretary-General’s special representative, on this matter will soon be available. We expect that the Fifth Committee will deliberate this matter during the second resumed session in May and take appropriate steps that will contribute to eliminating any further incidents of sexual misconduct in UN peacekeeping operations.

Thank you.