I have, at long last, posted my master’s thesis online. Called Swiss Gods Don’t Like Rice Cake, it tells the story of how Korean shamanism has begun to incorporate non-Koreans as shamans. You can find it here.

Travel Photos

Just a quick note to let you know I’m now posting travel photos. These are links to Facebook galleries, but you don’t have to be my friend on Facebook, or even a Facebook user, to see them. I’ll be adding more photos as I go, of course. Enjoy.


It may be a rathole,
But it’s the biggest rathole
It’s the best rathole
And damn if that ain’t something!

Something I wrote probably in 1993 or so, found written in the margins of a photocopy of a page of How Does a Poem Mean?

Fun Google/Chrome trick: you can enter “translate: word or sentence” and Google will translate the word or sentence.

Sexy Clap

“Sexy Clap” is a perfectly reasonable thing to call a K-pop song if you don’t know American English slang.