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Topic: United Nations

Following the U.S. hack job on the draft Outcome Document for the UN’s September summit of world leaders, it now looks like a core group of between 30 and 35 countries will be meeting to negotiate a draft (BBC article here). The hope is to come up with a document that’s a roadmap for reform rather than a short statement of principles.

Last week I composed a note verbale to Jean Ping, current president of the General Assembly, which asked that South Korea be included in these negotiations, and I was pleased to learn today that the ROK has, in fact, been invited to participate.

Meanwhile, I spent much of yesterday working on the speech that Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon will deliver at the General Debate of the General Assembly. Highlights? Well, I can tell you that the Republic of Korea is in favor of peace and development and against terrorism and infectious disease. Pretty racy stuff! I’m sure there will be a zillion changes between now and the day of delivery, especially if no Outcome Document is agreed, or if what’s agreed is completely wussy. But the support for peace and development is a pretty safe bet.