[sweet dreams]

Topic: Personal

We’ve been on various bad mattresses for a long time now, and our latest was a futon mat that had begun to sag alarmingly, creating two concavities and a small mountain for us to climb if we wanted to reach each other. And never mind about the giant coffee stain. So on Saturday, Jenny and I headed over to the Sleepy’s in Park Slope and changed our lives.

Last night was the first that we spent on our new mattress, a Kingsdown Dormo Silver 21 and oh my god! I slept ridiculously well. I want to run home and do it some more — which is, admittedly, not an unusual feeling for me on a Monday morning, but this is different. It’s not that I’m still sleepy, but that sleeping is just better than it has been. Hopefully I’ll do more of it at night from now on.