[springtime in new york]

It’s spring, and a lovely one. The weather is delightful. There are cherry blossoms on the trees (well, the cherry trees), and whole streets are paved in petals. The magnolias too are in bloom, and the dogwoods, and the tulips are getting slightly obscene. 

My life here continues apace. All is well at Google — I’ve had my first guest come in to ooh and ah at the wonders of my Googley life, and if you’re nearby, you’re more than welcome to swing by sometime for a free dinnner on Uncle Google. And this weekend I’m finally going back to the All-Night Concert of Indian Classical Music, an annual event held at St. John the Divine’s Synod Hall. I went once years ago, discovered a love for the bansuri, India’s wooden flute, and left at around 5 a.m., by which time I was seeing spots. I was younger then, too. We’ll see how far I get this time. One advantage is that I won’t be on my own (at least for the first few hours), as a Punjabi friend of mine will be joining me. And she may even know something about the music, which would be a welcome improvement over my admittedly blissful ignorance.
See you on the other side!