[spreading christmas cheer]

Topic: The Mission

It being Christmas Eve Eve (and the last workday before Christmas), I decided to take my stash of leftover Pepero and Choco-Pies to work and hand them around to the admins. The non-Koreans were a little confused, but pleased enough. Cheryl, who works in the glass reception booth downstairs, said, “You must have heard my stomach growling,” and Bing, after insisting that she didn’t need any gifts, immediately gave in at the sight of a Choco-Pie.

But the Koreans were thrilled, giving guilty giggles at the thrill of eating what are obviously kid foods, on a par with Fruit Rollups or Twinkies. Ambassador Shin caught me handing them out and asked, “How do you know Pepero?”

“I lived in Korea,” I explained. “I remember Pepero Day.” He grinned and walked away.

Merry Christmas!