Something Building Up Inside

You know that Guns N’ Roses lyric, “I got somethin’ I been building up inside / For so fucking long”? I keep thinking of it when my stomach churns and I have to go puke again, which happened a bunch of times tonight in such delightful locales as the Muslim-run Golden Tea, the local synagogue, and a KFC (in their bathrooms, fortunately).

Luckily I met some locally based Filipinos and a Burmese last night, one of whom is a pharmacist, and they took me tonight to get medicine, crackers, and Pocari Sweat. I kept down the antiemetic, and now some crackers. I’ll survive.

And I was well enough to go to the synagogue and lead Shabbat services for the small group of tourists, my new friends, and the one local woman, Dina, whose family has maintained the synagogue all through the years. (Despite all the struggles through the years, thanks Mom and Dad for making sure I can daven in a pinch.)

But now there’s devotional songs and Buddhist chanting going on through loudspeakers out my window. And tomorrow I fly to Bagan at 10 am, which means leaving the hotel at 7 am.

Travel can be rough even when it’s interesting, and interesting even when it’s rough.

“Somtimes it’s easy to forget where you’re goin’ …”

(Also, Guns N’ Roses was, briefly, such an exciting band. Just watch Axl dance!)