[sad personal news]

I think I’ve told everyone who needs to be told rather than finding out this way. Anyway, I’m getting tired of telling people. So here goes.

After four years of marriage, Jenny and I are getting divorced. This is not an outcome either of us wanted, but it has become inevitable. The reasons are our own, but you are welcome to ask either one of us, and we’ll tell you what we feel we should.

In terms of the logistical realities, it looks like I will be getting a new job over the next few months, then finding a new place to live. Where I go depends on where I get hired. Jenny and I are dealing with the details amicably. If you know of any positions for writers or any leads on getting into strategic consulting or corporate communications, let me know. They needn’t be in New York.

In terms of the personal realities, this has been absolutely devastating. I have a great deal of uncertainty ahead, and very much sadness. I hope that this choice will bring Jenny happiness, and that I too can look back years from now and see that this was the beginning of new and positive developments in my life. But all that is in the future. For now, it just hurts.

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