[pumpkin taffy island]

Topic: Korea

Laughing at foreigners’ fractured English may be a bit puerile, possibly even mean. But hey, the stuff is funny, and the rest of the world gets its revenge whenever we try to speak their funny languages.

In any case, I bring this up because I wish to share with you Mayor Chang-Geun OH’s charming message of welcome to his little island of “mysterious Ulleung-do,” which sits off the coast of Korea, in what the Koreans call the East Sea and the rest of the world calls the Sea of Japan (but that’s a discussion for another time). Never mind why I was looking up Ulleong-do. Just enjoy, and sic.:


This is Chang-Geun OH, Mayor of Ulleung County.

We sincerely welcome for your visiting to our internet homepage.

Ulleungdo is the only island county in the East sea with the mystery of ancient times and the living beauty of nature.

Inhabitants of Ulleung county have played a role of guarding the East sea for a long time.

By developing blessed sightseeing resources harmoniously with Ulleunggun Inhabitants, we will make “The International ocean resort” , and open the new millenium era with it.

We hope that you will have fantastic tour to visit our county.

You can not only see the beautiful sea, evergreen forests and fantastic rocks and stones, but also enjoy special products such as cuttlefishes, pumpkin taffy, and wild greens etc.

We promise to offer you more useful and various information in this homepage.

Thank you.

No, Mayor OH, thank you.