[our changing neighborhood]

Topic: Around Town

Despite the rumors, it looks like Cobble Hill Cinema isn’t closing (thanks, Curbed!), and thank goodness for that. I love the funky paintings and independent feel of this neighborhood landmark ā€” not to mention its incredibly tiny bathrooms, which amuse me.

There does, however, seem to be quite a bit of activity in the neighborhood, according to Curbed, including possibly a McDonald’s or a Starbucks, neither of which would be welcome.

I’m sad to hear that Zipper is going, but I have to say that I’m not all that disappointed over the decline and fall of Village 247, where the food was uniformly bad ā€” I once got served a semi-raw burger there. They did have a nice downstairs lounge, though. If I were the bar type, I would’ve gone a lot.

Also nice, though hardly needed, is the news of a new French bistro opening to replace the OTB on Court. While this will eliminate the Corner of Life Cycles, where you could bank, eat, gamble and die, I admit that I am far more likely to visit a French bistro than an OTB.