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Topic: Nepal

From the BBC:

Nepal sex workers threaten nude protest

Sex workers from the Badi community in western Nepal have said they will stage a nude demonstration in front of the government headquarters in the capital, Kathmandu, to demand either Nepalese citizenship or the legalisation of prostitution.

They cannot apply for citizenship because they are the offspring of sex workers who were unmarried.

Under current Nepalese law, an applicant’s husband or father must be named before citizenship can be granted.

The women say the same fate awaits their children, unless the laws are changed.

A spokesman for the women’s support group, Kamal Bahadur Rokaya, says they are taking the action to raise awareness of their plight, as other forms of protest have failed.

I think these women have a point, and I do hope their protest gains them the basic rights that they seek. And this is just one more reason to go on a trip to Nepal.