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Topic: Politics

Posted by: Josh

Gothamist has picked up on a Daily News investigation into the financial improprieties of 13th District Representative Vito Fossella, a Republican who is being opposed by Democrat Steve Harrison this November.


    • From 2001 through this winter, Fossella spent $25,124 in campaign donations to fly himself and his family to Vail each January.


    • Fossella failed to disclose that in February 2002 he flew to Miami and back on a private jet owned by a corporate donor.


    • Fossella failed to disclose who paid for a Feb. 25-28, 2001, trip with his wife and children to a conference outside Palm Springs that cost $2,082.


    • In early 2003, Fossella traveled to La Hague on the coast of France for a “fact-finding trip.” He did not say who paid.


    • After returning from La Hague, he took a “fact-finding trip” to Miami, revealing that Nasdaq paid $3,037 for transportation, lodging and meals.


  • In 2004, the New York Stock Exchange paid $648 for a Fossella “fact-finding trip,” including a $323 hotel stay in Manhattan — just a ferry ride away from his home.

These are petty individually, but they add up to a contempt for regulations that are meant to prevent corruption among our elected officials.

Let’s hope Vito keeps making it this easy.