[nanowrimo update]

Topic: Personal
Because I can’t stand to think about politics anymore today, here’s a NaNoWriMo update.

Word Count
Goal Today: 2,400
Actual Today: 2,307
Goal to Date: 7,200
Actual to Date: 7,254

Yesterday’s writing felt like it wasn’t going anywhere, but I feel like I made good progress today, and I’m actually feeling good about the overall shape of the thing again. The protagonist’s emotional dilemma is sufficiently complex and ambiguous, and I’ve managed to get him to relax about it enough that he feels real to me, which I was starting to worry about. I don’t want him moping like a Romantic dork over his sorrows, I want him carrying them around with him as he tries to live in the actual world. And I’ve managed to make him recognize that his personal tragedy is rather small in external terms — not that this necessarily makes it easier for him to deal with, but it’s a requirement if I’m going to send him wandering around India, looking serious misery in the face.

I shared the plot with Daniel and was pleased that he seemed to think it works. He’s a skilled and experienced director, so this means that my story has some drama behind it.

But enough about my story. One day, hopefully I can just post my story instead of the story about my story.