[nanowrimo day 15]

Topic: Personal
After taking three days off from the novel, writing today was like pulling teeth. I was unsure where exactly to go with the novel, what the next step was. What got me going again was a complicated chain of associations: my main character (again, a proxy for myself) is in a Hindu temple town, so I sent him to visit the temple. This led to a digression into Hindu theology and how bizarre my MC finds Hinduism. And that, in turn, opened out into a long section, still in the process of being written, on his (my) curious religious background, a mixture of New York secular Jewish, California hippie and Chassidic orthodox Judaism.

That should keep me busy for a few thousand words.

So here I am on Day 15, still ahead of schedule, and up over the 50 percent mark.

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25,108 / 50,000