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Topic: Around Town
When I first came to New York City back in 1993, I lived just around the corner from Grandma’s, a now-defunct diner that offered 24-hour delivery. And during that long, bitterly cold winter — which I spent slogging my way through the classics of Western literature, from Homer to Virginia Woolf — I came to believe that nothing spoke so eloquently of our civilized progress as my ability to phone up at 3 a.m. and order a bagel with cream cheese, a gyro sandwich and two egg creams.

Amazon’s new (or at least new to me) restaurant listings aren’t quite as important in the grand scheme of things as 24-hour food delivery, but they do have one amazing feature: you can actually look at the menus.

How cool is that? Instead of relying on vague listings that tell you only the sort of cuisine and that the restaurant is “moderate to expensive,” you can now go online and find out whether a given restaurant actually serves anything you want to eat at a price you’re willing to pay.