Topic: The Mission

So it looks like I’ll be attending my first actual UN meetings in the next couple of weeks.

The Republic of Korea hosted this year’s Sixth Global Forum on Reinventing Government. The theme was “Toward Participatory and Transparent Governance,” and the Forum produced an outcome document, known as the Seoul Declaration, that makes recommendations on improving governance.

Now Korea is working to get a resolution passed in the General Assembly endorsing the Seoul Declaration, which would follow similar resolutions for past Global Forum outcome documents, and they’re trying to gather as many cosponsor countries as possible. Which is where I come in: I’ll attend two cosponsor meetings, one at the Mission and one at the UN Secretariat, taking notes as the representatives of various states make their suggestions regarding the final shape of the resolution and editing Korea’s statements on the fly. This will be my first opportunity to attend a meeting with representatives of other states, and I look forward to it.