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Topic: Politics

Living in New York City, it can sometimes feel like the struggle for control of Washington happens far away: in states like Ohio and Florida, in competitive districts Upstate, in races around the country in places where you actually meet people who support the Republican party. Knocking on doors and handing out literature around these parts seems largely irrelevant.

So I was surprised to get an email today from the Congressional campaign of Steve Harrison, a Bay Ridge lawyer who is looking to take the 13th District, which covers Staten Island and Bay Ridge, away from one of the most conservative Republican representatives in the Northeast, Vito Fossella. I know almost nothing about Harrison, but I know he’s a Democrat and that his victory would rid Congress of a right-wing extremist and move us one seat closer to Democratic control.

This is not the other side of the country, folks. This is right here in Brooklyn and Staten Island. If we can give time or money to Harrison, I think we should. Let’s see if we can win one for our side right here in NYC.