[living like scandinavians]

Topic: Personal
It’s that time of year again: Daylight Saving Time! Personally, though I dislike losing an hour of my weekend and getting up an hour early, I love what Daylight Saving Time actually does for us. It may be a bizarre legislative hangover from a bygone era, but it gives us long summer evenings. And I love long summer evenings. I like to get out of work when the sun is still up and go walking for an hour or three through Manhattan, exploring the city in the extended evening glow. The end of Standard Time means the end of the Dark Months, even more than those first little leaves or a daffodil peeking through the soil. Summer is on its way.

DST also makes the time difference between sunset in December and sunset in June that much more extreme, so we can all feel just a little bit more like Scandinavians. And that’s pretty cool too.