[living alone]

The other night I came home from work, went into the kitchen, noticed that the sink was empty of dirty dishes, and felt a wave of gratitude to the person who had washed them all. This was followed by a fleeting instant of panic over who had washed them all, because no one else should have been in my apartment. Then I immediately realized that I had washed them all.

It was maybe another fifteen seconds before I realized that I could still feel gratitude to the person who had washed the dishes.

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  1. I too, have recently come to learn the importance in recognizing and then reflecting on a positive, no matter how slight it may seem at the time. Why did it take me so long to learn that I am grateful for myself and for what I often do?You always compose our revelations, that we always have in the same week, much better, so I am glad YOU said it. Cheers to appreciating ourselves more!

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