[linky lovefest]

Topic: Personal
I’ve been Gawked — linked to by one of those fancy blogs where they pay people and everything. (Vast sums, I imagine, it being not just publishing but Web publishing.) I’ve gotten a lot of hits off it (heh), but I’m embarrassed to say how many because then you’d realize how few I’d been getting before. Still, this is almost as exciting as when I got published in that glossy magazine they shoved in everyone’s mailboxes at half the colleges in America — you remember, it’s the one you threw away while you were opening that urgent plea from the ISO — but not quite as exciting as when I got published in that magazine that sat down on the bottom shelf in Barnes & Noble, back behind that tatoo magazine and next to the one about the warewolf lifestyle.This must be just what Jonathan Safran Foer’s life is like.

But anyway, thanks, even if Ana Marie Cox is cuter.

PS: Is there some way that linking to the ISO can get me a free trip to the Carribean? ‘Cause I could sure use that right about now.