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Topic: Politics
I don’t usually give a damn about Rush Limbaugh, but Wonkette caught a stunning quote from the gasbag, responding to a caller who compared the abuse of Iraqi prisoners to a college fraternity prank:

Exactly. Exactly my point! This is no different than what happens at the skull and bones initiation and we’re going to ruin people’s lives over it and we’re going to hamper our military effort, and then we are going to really hammer them because they had a good time. You know, these people are being fired at every day. I’m talking about people having a good time, these people, you ever heard of emotional release? You ever heard of need to blow some steam off?

Except that college fraternities are something you choose to join, and you can leave anytime, and relatively few frat pranks involve military assault rifles and indefinite detentions. I doubt anyone tried to pledge Abu Ghraib.

If Bonesmen want to get naked and climb on top of each other, that’s fine — I believe in people’s fundamental right to get naked and climb on top of each other in whatever arrangements they choose — but I also believe in our fundamental right not to.

And then, of course, there are the threats of rape, the sodomizings with lightbulbs, the electrocution torture, the solitary confinements without food or water, the use of an attack dog, the forced masturbation, the unexplained deaths, the torture wounds that were treated on the spot rather than referred to medical staff … Frat prank indeed.