[international snacking]

Topic: United Nations

Yesterday I took our new speechwriter over to the UN cafeteria and was happily waylaid by an international food fair being held in the lobby of the Secretariat Building, which featured dishes from all over the world: Carribean pastries, Ukranian dumplings, Chinese mixed platters, ANZAC cookies from New Zealand. The Iranian pulao platters were selling like the proverbial hotcakes, but what caught my eye was the Nepali delegation’s chafing dish full of momo (dumplings).

I asked how much for just the momos, and the woman said she’d give me three for $2, a mix of veg and chicken momos. Deal. “This will bring back happy memories of my visits to Kathmandu,” I said.

“Oh, you have been?”

“Yes, I’ve visited Nepal twice and I loved it.”

“Here, let me give you some more vegetable momo, this one has different taste.”

Your intrepid reporter did not refuse. Hot sauce was also proffered, and it was good — almost as good as the hot sauce at the now-defunct Tibet Shambala.