It’s 7 on a frozen morning, snow still on the ground from a blizzard a few days ago. You’re in your car, going somewhere important. You turn down one of those narrow residential streets in Brooklyn, only to find that traffic is at a standstill.

And so, you honk.

Then you honk again.

Because that honking is going to remind some driver up ahead — you can’t see because there’s a large truck between you and whatever is causing the delay — that roads are for driving, not parking. Your honking is going to make the difference for everyone. Never mind that it’s going to wake 50 people who need to rest before they get up on a freezing morning to go somewhere important. Waking those people up is totally worth it because you’re fixing traffic. Whatever that delay is up ahead, your honk will help the people involved to solve the problem. It’s like you’re cheering them on! Without you, that traffic snarl would never have gotten fixed, and I might have slept all through the quiet morning.

Honker, you’re an American hero.