[holiday shopping ideas]

Topic: Culture

For those of you still deciding what to get your loved ones for the holidays, some recommendations with an Asian theme.

The Engrish.com Store offers a wide variety of T-shirts, stickers, Christmas cards and other items festooned with the disastrous English (a.k.a. “Engrish”) to be found in Japan and elsewhere in East Asia. Where else can you get a hoodie that says, “POISONOUS & EVIL RUBBISH”?

Kiss Me, I’m Korean T-shirts are great if you’re Korean and would like to be kissed.

If you would prefer to sport the Korean language, cafepress may have the treat for you. According to my personal translator, it’s written in old Korean, from the time of King Sejong, and says, “The Korean language is different from Chinese; the sounds and letters don’t match.” It’s presumably taken from an early text promoting hangeul, the Korean phonetic alphabet.

The SurviveKorea.com Shop is another dispensary of East Asian oddities, this time specifically designed to freak out the Koreans around you.

At Soccer Goods Shop you can get a “Be the Reds” Korea World Cup T-shirt ($9.49) or an official Korean national team jersey ($89).

One World Gear offers T-shirts celebrating every country, including Nepal, India, South Korea and even North Korea, for those with a sick sense of humor or a desire to get a personal FBI file started.

KaiMart has Pucca gear, including Christmas cards, while Egift Mall has Pucca gear, including item to end all Pucca items: a messenger bag, complete with the official explanation of Pucca and Garu.

Finally, for T-shirts designed by a Korean living right here in Brooklyn, check out Enamoo, on Smith Street.