[hello from ca]

Just a quick note to say that I am home in Marin County, CA, with my crazy family, enjoying the lush greenery and remembering why I choose to live three thousand miles away. It’s Passover, an adventure in eating, and the jet lag didn’t help me get through last night’s Seder, which lasted until 1 a.m. Tonight I get another chance. Ugh. All we do on these holidays, it seems, is eat, sleep and pray. I’m bored of all three, and there’s another day to go.

Still, home is home, warts and all, and it’s good to get out of NYC and away from the pressures of work. And mixed in with all the eating, sleeping and praying, there’s also been a little walking around in beautiful Lucas Valley, and even a dash up the hill, knee deep in wild grasses, to a knoll I used to climb when I was a kid.

Tonight is another Seder to get through, with even weirder people than last night’s. Wish me luck!