[guns n’ nothing]

Topic: Culture
BucketheadMy friend Daniel pointed me to a fascinating New York Times article on the endlessly unfinished Guns N’ Roses album, which is supposedly going to be called “Chinese Democracy” and may be longer in coming that democracy in China. I think my favorite part of the article is when guitarist Buckethead (pictured) declares that he’d be more comfortable recording in a chicken coop, and one is duly built for him inside the studio.

Bonus: This probably means more to me than it does to you, but here’s a poster advertising a few of my favorite bands back when I was in high school — The Limbomaniacs, whose drummer, Brain, was also briefly a G’n’R member, and has also recorded with Primus; Fungo Mungo, a fun thrash-funk outfit that used to close their shows with extended funk jams of “Rainy Day Women,” complete with serious bong abuse onstage; and The Deli Creeps, Buckethead’s first band. Also featured is Puzzlefish, who I never saw. And the gig is at the Omni, a now-defunct club in Oakland which I will always remember as the place where I first learned about clit-hood piercings (a bartender was going on about how she’d been non-stop stimulated since she got hers, and how her friend had had to take hers out because the stimulation was too much). Ah, childhood!