[greatest deity name ever]

Topic: Japan

Are you ready?

“His Augustness Truly-Conqueror-I-Conquer-Conquering-Swift-Heavenly-Great-Great-Ears.”

That’s from the Kojiki, an eighth-century Japanese compilation of origin myths. If it helps, HATCICCSHGGE was born in the following manner:

The august name of the Deity that was born from the mist [of his breath] when, having begged the Heaven-Shining-Deity to hand him the augustly complete [string] of curved jewels eight feet [long] of five hundred jewels that was twisted in the left august bunch [of her hair], and with the jewels making a jingling sound having brandished and washed them in the True-Pool-Well of Heaven, and having crunchingly crunched them, Susa-no-o blew them away, was HATCICCSHGGE.

There, didn’t that help? I thought so.

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