[goin’ to chicago]

Update: Looks like no Chicago after all, or at least not until the end of August. Jenny’s been extended in Pennsylvania instead. Ah, well.

Original post: Like a Mississippi sharecropper, it looks like Jenny is goin’ to Chicago. Okay, not much like a Mississippi sharecropper, considering she’ll be going as a business consultant to develop a cost-benefit analysis for what could turn out to be a very large transportation project. She’s scheduled to leave her current project with CIGNA at the end of the month and begin her new gig in August.

In terms of travel, Chicago may actually turn out to be less arduous than all of the schlepping to Philadelphia and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for her current project. Jenny was told that travel time for the new gig would probably average two to three days per week, and while it’s unclear how that would be divided up, that would be a distinct improvement over the ongoing four-day travel schedule she’s been on. Of course, these things have a way of expanding. However it works out, though, I’m glad Jenny gets to move on (finally!) from her first project as a consultant and start a new adventure in a new city.

Bonus: A theme song, of sorts, for Jenny’s new assignment (gotta listen to the very end) (via music (for robots)).