[freeway blogging]

Topic: Culture

What do you get when you combine graffiti, politics, car culture, and the PrintShop aesthetic? That’s right: freeway blogging! Instead of painting “WENDY I LUV U” or “MIDVILLE HS BRONCOS RULE!!!” on a sheet and tacking it to the overpass, people have been printing and posting political messages. It’s clever, it’s witty, it’s only slightly illegal, and it gets more readers in fifteen minutes than I’ll get in a lifetime. On the other hand, it requires actually getting up and doing things, including walking on a freeway overpass, and that sounds hard. Plus, unlike regular blogging, you can’t freeway-blog in your underwear.

Or I guess you can ? I knew a woman who climbed to the statue of Junipero Serra above the 280 Freeway in California and flashed her boobs at the traffic below ? but I think it’d be kind of tacky. [via New Yorkish]