[dumbo fest]

While we’re on the subject of art happenings, DKNY reminded me that there is another festival coming up: the 10th Annual Art Under the Bridge Festival, put on by the DUMBO Arts Center, will be taking place on the weekend of October 13-15. (And for all you sticklers, yes, I do believe that Friday night is technically part of the weekend.)

Like AGAST, the DUMBO Festival has been thoroughly worthwhile in years past, both as an exhibition of much interesting art and as an opportunity to peek inside parts of New York you don’t usually get to see. New York is a great walking city, and there are few greater ways to enjoy this town than to spend a crisp autumn day strolling from gallery to gallery in a warehousey neighborhood, eating candy corn and M&Ms that starving artists bought for you.

Try it. You won’t be disappointed!