[double doubleclick]

Back on December 24, I told you I’d be joining Invision. Turns out I’ll be going back to DoubleClick instead.

When Invision called my old boss at DoubleClick to check my reference, she sent me an email:

You’re still coming in here to talk with us, right??
We’d love to see if we can come up with something to interest you.

Interest me they did. For one thing, they offered me a higher salary. Beyond that, though, there are a number of factors that make DoubleClick attractive. It’ll be nice to go to work for people who already respect me and know what I’m capable of. There is a real possibility of taking on formal management responsibility, particularly if I work for it. And DoubleClick has implemented a very interesting development methodology called Scrum, which is something I’d love to learn.

Another factor the old dot-com atmosphere, which DoubleClick still cultivates: there’s pizza lunch once a week, free drinks, and a game room with a Wii.

And then there’s that whole Google deal, which, if it goes through, would make me a Google employee. I have no idea what the human resources arrangements would be like or whether Clickers would inherit the lavish benefits enjoyed by the Google-nointed, but even the possibility of being a part of Google is pretty enticing.

I’ll still be leaving the Korean Mission on January 18, but I’ll now be taking a week off and starting at DoubleClick on the 28th.