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Topic: Culture

So it looks like the serious issue this season is cannibalism. A media watchdog group is warning of video games that feature cannibalism, particularly in a game called “Stubbs the Zombie.” The makers of the game respond by arguing that because Stubbs is a zombie, his bloody devouring of human flesh is not, in fact, cannibalism.

Meanwhile, Samantha Bee, in a recent Daily Show piece called Flesh in the Pan, profiled Mark Nuckols, creator of a product called Hufu, which is tofu textured and flavored to resemble human flesh.

This raised an obvious question, never asked during the interview, which is how Hufu’s designers knew what flavor and texture to aim for. According to Hufu’s FAQ, “The taste and texture of Hufu are the result of painstaking research and extensive testing in our kitchens” — a non-answer if ever there was one. Exactly whose pains they were taking is not clear.