[central asia in southern brooklyn]

Topic: Around Town

My friend Lauren has complained for years that there’s no Uighur food in New York, but last night we proved her wrong, driving out to Brighton Beach for a taste of Central Asia. We ate at Cafe Kashkar, named after the Silk Road city of Kashgar in the Western Chinese province of Xinjiang.

Kashkar is a hole in the wall with fluorescent lights, formica tables, a backlit picture of a waterfall on the wall, and warm soda served in plastic cups. But don’t let that fool you: the food here is fantastic. We began our meal with samsa, delicious savory meat patties in a flaky crust. Then we made our way through our respective entrees — a dumpling stew, a noodle stew and some fried noodles — all of which involved lamb, and all of which were lovely and rich. The noodles are hand-made, with varying thicknesses and textures. Finally our lamb and chicken kebabs arrived, smoky and slow-cooked to perfection.

More details on Cafe Kashkar from the Village Voice.

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