[celebrity stalking]

Topic: Politics
Gawker drew my attention to Fundrace 2004, a website that provides scarily detailed information about who donated how much to whom. Not only can you view maps of major U.S. cities that show concentrations of donations to each party (the Upper West Side is largely Democratic ? who knew?), but you can also search by address or name.So I did a search on my work address and discovered that nearby 200 Park Avenue South is a veritable hotbed of hipster celebrity political activism.

  • Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues, gave $2,000 to Howard Dean.
  • Actor Edward Norton gave $2,000 to Dennis Kucinich.
  • One Steven Buscemi donated $1,000 to Wesley Clark.
  • Treat Williams gave $250 to Howard Dean.

I don’t know what’s most frightening about this: that this website is giving out celebrities’ home addresses, that our political donations are public information, that all these people live in the same building, or that Edward Norton gave two grand to “the little guy from Ohio,” as I heard him described by a woman from Trinidad at the Wes Clark Rally in Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago.

Update: Gawker has an update:

Oh, it’s just an office address. Boo. Still. They all have the same agent? That’s eerie.