[bollywood hip-shake]

Hips Don’t Lie (Live at the VMAs) (Google Video) | Hips Don’t Lie (YouTube Video) by Shakira

According to the BBC, Shakira so enjoyed the Bollywood costumes and choreography she tried on (with moderate skill and success) at the MTV Video Music Awards that she is now hoping to do a Bollywood-style music video with that night’s choreographer, Indian director Farah Khan (no relation to Louis Farrakhan).

Considering that Shakira has long blended genres, combining Latin, Middle Eastern, hip-hop and rock music and dance, throwing in a little Bollywood flavor should be easy enough. And I am generally in favor of artists of all stripes dabbling (1, 2, 3) in what I want to call “Indiana” but can’t because a certain Midwestern state has stolen the term. I’m also generally in favor of Shakira’s hips, whose veracity is open to question but whose booty-shakin’ snap-and-shimmy skillz-with-a-Z are not in doubt.

I therefore look forward to seeing how this musical polymath incorporates Bollywood’s masala into her multi-culti stew. (And yes, it is pleasant to think of Shakira as fusion cuisine, isn’t it?)