[beck and the dust brothers]

Topic: Culture
Beck.com has a little snippet of news about the new Beck album:

Just a little update on the new album for those wondering, Beck’s sixth major label record, produced by the Dust Brothers and Tony Hoffer, should tentatively be out in early 2005. Keep checking back in the coming months for more info.

Tony Hoffer did production on Midnite Vultures, while the Dust Brothers famously produced Odelay, so I guess we can expect Beck to continue his back-and-forth pattern, alternating between introspective and extroverted records. I have to admit that I’m a bigger fan of Beck’s work with Nigel Godrich — Mutations and Sea Change — than of his pseudo-soul experiments. But Midnite Vultures has grown on me, and Beck is a much more mature artist now than he was during the Odelay sessions. It’ll be interesting to see what comes of it.