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Topic: About This Blog

So the other day I asked for comments, and yesterday I got one — but on another post, and totally off-topic.

It was about a little website I helped put together some years back as a promotion for the soundtrack of the original Blair Witch Project (which had no music, but never mind). The website is called P.A.R.O.D.Y., which we hoped would help readers recognize it as a parody of Christian anti-goth moralizing, not a genuine example of the genre. We also put up this explanatory page, which you have to click through to get to The Palaverist and send me an email.

Nevertheless, over the years I’ve received a steady trickle of furious emails excoriating me for daring to link goths with Count Chocula cereal, as well as a shocking number of earnest missives from Christians who want my ministry to take a different tack. Which makes it all the more surprising that yesterday’s comment was the first of its kind. Ashley, who helpfully provided her email address, had this to say:

yo man u got no idea why people enter the gothic sub culture i am a gothic and let me tell you i dont take drugs and yes i am wiccan yet that dont meen anything if its o.k with you once i have finished my report for school on the gothic sub culture i can send you a copy for your information i take offence to your website p.a.r.o.d.y. i find that you are being racist to my culture

Ashley, if you’re reading this, yes, please send me your report. And woe unto the Australian school system. If Ashley is a typical example, maybe America’s not doing so badly after all.