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Topic: Around Town

This Saturday and Sunday is the Atlantic Avenue ArtWalk 2006, “a self-guided tour of open artist studios and area exhibitions, a range of public art projects, special events, and extensive local merchant participation.” The tour is clustered along Atlantic Avenue between Third Avenue and Smith Street, but it stretches as far afield as State Street to the north (or Schermerhorn, if you count the Transit Museum, but visit that some other time), Hicks to the west and 423 Smith to the south (that’s at Fourth Place).

Remarkably, a quick glance at the list of artists suggests that there’s not much overlap with the Annual Gowanus Artists Studio Tour (AGAST), which I reviewed in some detail (1, 2). Whether I’ll do a similar number on ArtWalk06 remains to be seen. I’ve got plans Saturday, but I do hope to get out on Sunday and see some of the local art. Maybe I’ll bump into you there?