[arizona pics]

I’m back at work today after a week and a half in Arizona to celebrate my sister’s graduation from ASU (BA in art history) and to spend some time with my family in Sedona and at the Grand Canyon. Here are some of the pics my sister sent me.

The Palaverist, Effie, Shana, Mom and Dad.
Effie and Shana give the Arizona State Sun Devil sign, and I, um, don’t.
Suddenly, it’s High-Pants Time! (I don’t understand it either.)
The Ross ladies do their part.
The Palaverist is a man of glamour and fashion.
We behave better in public.
Brothers and sister at Montezuma’s Castle.
Mom and Dad at Montezuma’s Castle.
We must be related: we squint alike.
A small Palaverist on a big rock in Sedona.
God makes a rude gesture. Who knew He was English?

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