[a lack of palaver]

Okay, so I admit it’s been quiet around here lately. Partly that’s the summer doldrums — who can write when it’s five thousand degrees out? — and partly it’s that I have actually been pretty busy.

For one thing, I’ve been trying to get ahead on my Korean studies, because I will inevitably fall behind this fall when the General Assembly committees get going and actual work briefly becomes my primary activity at the office.

And then there’s the help I’ve been giving to Steve Harrison’s Congressional campaign. This week I wrote a Social Security speech that he’s delivering today, as well as a 60-second fundraising spot that will run nationally on AirAmerica, which is giving discount air time to candidates. I’ll be sure to post the speech and the spot once I get final versions, and hopefully I’ll get to find out when the ad is running and post the times as well.