[in the presence of ann rosen]

Topic: Around Town


Mr. and Mrs. Palaverist, as photographed by Ann Rosen

Toward the end of my visit with photographer Ann Rosen on Day 1 of AGAST, she invited me to come back with my wife to be photographed sometime. I told her that I’d been photographed last year as part of her In the Presence of Family series but had never seen the result, so she promised to look for the picture and to send it to me if she found it. Well, she found it and here it is, a gift from the artist. Thanks, Ann!

Oh, and that T-shirt I’m wearing says “Gowanus Canal Lifeguard.” It’s from Enamoo, the excellent Smith Street boutique and home of the best Korean designer T-shirts I’ve seen outside of Korea — and the Koreans are the world’s coolest T-shirt designers.